If you already have a Section 8 Voucher, you may be eligible to transfer it to HACPFC. This process is called porting. HACPFC is not absorbing vouchers; we are billing the initial housing authority. If you are interested in porting to HACPFC, please contact your current housing authority.

If you are eligible to port, your initial housing authority will issue you a voucher to allow to port and prepare your paperwork for HACPFC, the “receiving housing authority.”

Your initial housing authority will need to send your portability documentation to HACPFC’s portability specialist by one of the following contact methods:

  • Email: applications@hacpfc.org (PREFERRED)
  • Fax: (509) 547-4997 (Attention: PORTABILITY)
  • Mail: Housing Authority of City of Pasco and Franklin County, 2505 W. Lewis Street, Pasco, Washington 99301


It will take one to six weeks after we receive your paperwork to complete your move. The length of time depends on whether your household composition or income has changed since your last review, how quickly you respond to requests for information, whether the unit you choose is affordable to you, and whether the unit passes inspection the first time. We will issue you a voucher that expires 30 days after the expiration date on the voucher provided to you by your original housing authority. Please make certain you have enough time to complete the process before your voucher expires. It is not possible to complete the port process without coming to the city of Pasco or Franklin county.