Your Section 8 voucher can be used anywhere in the country where there is a housing authority that will accept it. This is called porting. The rules for porting are the same as for another move.

In order to move, please give notice to your landlord in writing and provide a copy to the HACPFC no less than 20 days prior to the last day of the month in which you wish to move. If you are in a lease, your landlord must agree to let you out of your lease. You must be in good standing with the HACPFC and your landlord to move.

In order for you to port-out to another housing authority, here are the steps you must follow:

  1. You must inform your assigned housing specialist, in writing, of your request to port-out, where you want to move to, and when you intend to move out of your current unit. You will need to submit a copy of the vacate notice that you provide to your current landlord.
  2. Your housing specialist will determine if you are eligible to port out of HACPFC’s jurisdiction.
  3. If you are eligible to port out, your housing specialist will provide you with a Voluntary Portability release form to complete. The Voluntary Portability release form allows HACPFC to send your paperwork to the proper housing authority and gives the receiving housing authority your current contact information.
  1. Once the portability specialist has a completed Voluntary Portability release form and copy of your vacate notice, they will issue your family a Housing Choice Voucher (if one has not already been issued to you).
  1. Your portability documentation will be sent to the receiving housing authority within 10 business days. Once your portability documentation has been received, it may take the receiving housing authority 2 weeks to process your paperwork. If you have not been contacted by the receiving housing authority, please contact their portability contact to inquire how long you will have to wait before they can assist you in your new unit. It is possible you may have to pay the full rent for up to one month.