When an application nears the top of a wait list, HACPFC runs a criminal history check for each Public Housing applicant and every household member over the age of 18. If the criminal history check indicates that the applicant, or any member(s) of the household, may not be a suitable resident, the application may be denied. Applicants are automatically denied for certain crimes including, but not limited to:

  • Current use or recent convictions involving illegal drugs;
  • Methamphetamine production on or off housing authority property;
  • Sexual offenses requiring sex offender registration;
  • A pattern of alcohol abuse with disruptive and/or criminal behavior;
  • Any crimes that indicate habitual criminal behavior.

While a criminal record will not automatically exclude an applicant from  consideration, it is an important criteria. In determining eligibility, HACPFC will consider an applicant’s arrest record, but place greater emphasis on actual convictions.