Public Housing Grievances and Appeals

The Housing Authority of the City of Pasco and Franklin County (HACPFC) offers a grievance process mandated and approved by the U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The process ensures the review of complaints or disputes that may have an adverse effect on applicants and tenants.

Applicants or Tenants may use the grievance process to dispute actions including, but not limited to:

  • Application denial
  • Rent Change
  • Maintenance charge(s)
  • Denial of transfer request
  • Denial of reasonable accommodation request
  • Lease termination

Disputes not covered under the grievance process:

  • Tenant-to-tenant disputes
  • Applicant/tenant disputes with HACPFC policies

ACOP – Chapter 4 –  Grievances and Appeals
Hearing Request Form  / Solicitud de Audiencia

Housing Choice Voucher

Benefits for HCV Landlords

  • Rental payments are paid by recipients and HACPFC in the form of timely Housing Assistance Payments.
  • Tenants are pre-screened by HACPFC for HCV (Section 8) program admission, but the owner retains the right and responsibility to screen and select tenants.
  • HACPFC’s HCV program maintains a consistent waitlist – there is no shortage of potential applicants
  • Ideal marketing opportunities through
  • The lease between the owner and the occupant shall be for at least one year
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