Affordable Apartments and Highland Park Homes

The Housing Authority of the City of Pasco and Franklin County (HACPFC) has two non-subsidized developments for families with incomes between 50% and 80% of Tri-City Area Median Income (AMI), as established by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). These apartments range from 1-bedroom/lofts to 4-bedroom units and are offered at set below-market rents. Please contact the Housing Authority for current rental rate information.

Applicants must:

  • Provide proof of current income;
  • Provide photo identification for all adult household members;
  • Provide vehicle registration(s) for all household members;
  • Consent to criminal records check for all household members over the age of 18.

NOTE:  Applicants must complete and submit an application for each housing opportunity (e.g. if applying for Public Housing AND Affordable Apartments, one application must be submitted for Public Housing and a separate application must be submitted for Affordable Apartments).

What are the Eligibility Requirements?

HACPFC will deny the application of an individual/family who owes money to HACPFC, another housing authority, landlord, or other housing provider. This denial will remain in place until the applicant can prove that the debt has been paid in full.

When an application nears the top of a wait list, HACPFC runs a criminal history check for each applicant and every household member over the age of 18. If the   criminal history check indicates that the applicant, or any member(s) of the household, may not be a suitable resident, the application may be denied.  Applicants are automatically denied for certain crimes including, but not limited to:

  • Current use or recent convictions involving illegal drugs;
  • Methamphetamine production on or off housing authority property;
  • Sexual offenses requiring sex offender registration;
  • A pattern of alcohol abuse with disruptive and/or criminal behavior;
  • Any crimes that indicate habitual criminal behavior.

While a criminal record will not automatically exclude an applicant from  consideration, it is an important criteria. In determining eligibility, HACPFC will consider an applicant’s arrest record, but place greater emphasis on actual convictions.

If an applicant is deemed eligible, HACPFC staff will check the applicant’s references from previous landlords. HACPFC will deny admission to any applicant who has a documented history of causing problems with neighbors or disruptions within neighborhoods. Admission will be denied for those found to have caused excessive damage to property owned by previous housing providers.

Wait List

The Wait list is currently CLOSED.

After a completed Affordable Apartments application is submitted, it will be placed on the wait list appropriate for the number of bedrooms needed for the household. Wait times on each list vary according to the number of applications on the list. Wait times can vary from six months to two years.

HACPFC will contact the applicant by mail when their application nears the top of a wait list. The applicant will be required to update household information such as income and family composition. Criminal history checks will be performed. Once the screening process is completed, HACPFC will contact the applicant when a unit becomes available.

Applicants should make every effort to ensure HACPFC has their current mailing address and telephone number so that when their application reaches the top of the wait list, they may be easily contacted.

Maintenance and Inspections

This information is for tenants in properties owned and managed by the Housing Authority of the City of Pasco and Franklin County (HACPFC) ONLY. Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) participants should contact their landlord or property manager for any maintenance issues.

Tenants in Affordable Apartments and Highland Park Homes shall promptly report any breakage, damage, infestation, mold or needed repairs and any unsafe or unsanitary conditions in the premises, common areas and grounds which may lead to damage or injury to HACPFC’s Maintenance Office at (509) 545-2234 during regular business hours of Monday-Thursday from 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.  If any such issues occur outside of regular business hours or on HACPFC holidays, please call (509) 539-4787.

Spanish speaking tenants may call in work order requests to HACPFC’s administration office during regular business hours (Monday-Thursday from 7:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.) at (509) 547-3581. If any such issues occur outside of regular business hours or on HACPFC holidays, please call the maintenance after-hours emergency number at (509) 539-4787..

Examples of an after-hours emergency:

  • Plugged toilet (if there is only one toilet in the unit)
  • Water heater leak
  • Ceiling leak
  • Broken window (with broken glass present)
  • No heat (during colder outdoor temperatures)
  • Electrical hazard
  • Inoperable smoke detectors
  • Tenant locked out unit
  • Inoperable lock and/or broken entry door

Maintenance charges are made in cases of tenant-caused damage only. Tenant will not be charged for repairs due to normal wear-and-tear.

Tenants shall not build on, or make changes to, the interior or exterior of the unit. Changes include, but are not limited to: paint, wallpaper, locks, shelves, satellite dishes, fences, etc. If a tenant has questions about this requirement, they should contact their Housing Specialist.


The health and safety of our tenants is important to us. Our staff completes bi-annual inspections to maintain units and surrounding development properties in good condition for tenants today and in the future. Tenants may receive notification of additional inspections required by other agencies, such as the U.S.Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).  If any inspection results in needed repairs, HACPFC’s maintenance staff will make them. If any inspection finds that the deficient item(s) is a result of tenant inattention or neglect, the tenant will be notified by the Inspector or their Housing Specialist and advised on how to remedy the situation.